Encouraging Children Into Performing Arts

Encouraging Children Into Performing Arts

3 Types of Dance Classes Your Child Could Take

6 April 2021
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When parents think of enrolling their children into dance classes their minds often go straight to ballet, and while that is a very popular option, it is not the only choice your children have when starting out dancing. In fact, there are quite a few different varieties of dance that they could try out and see which one suits their personal preference the best. If your child is eager to go out and try dancing, then ask them what they might want to focus on and maybe try them out in a few different courses at the start.
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Two tips for those who want to audition for acting roles in musicals

9 November 2019
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If you have always been passionate about the performing arts and would love to start auditioning for acting roles in musicals, you should follow the tips described below. Take dance classes for a few months before you start auditioning Even if you are only planning to audition for acting roles that involve little to no dancing, you should still take some dance classes in the months before you plan to start auditioning.
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Encouraging Children Into Performing Arts

When I was a child, I loved nothing more than getting onto the local theatre stage to perform in the latest play production. However, I noticed that my child had a reluctance about acting because she was so self-conscious. My blog is all about the different performing arts that your child can try out to find one which they are passionate about. I also plan to post about how parents can support their children while they try out the different arts' avenues. Performing arts help your child to express themselves and be creative, so I hope my posts help kids and parents to follow their performing dreams.